Find freedom of movement We offer highly bespoke, confidential, legal structures
and strategies to international entrepreneurs
and corporations.
Find opportunity
Find security
We will grow and protect your wealth, through
cross-border tax planning, dynastic trust structuring,
corporate re-domiciliation, and we will reinvent
your personal residence and second citizenship.
Huriya Private Featured
Best Citizenship By Investment Service Provider 2021
Best Multi Family Office in Dubai


With over 30 years of experience in the offshore finance industry, our role as a private fiduciary and multi-family office is to cater to a very select clientele from across the globe.

Corporate Structuring

We have been setting up and managing companies all over the world for 30 years. We can review, redesign, reinstate or redomicile your current companies.

Trusts & Foundations

The team at Huriya Private ensures that your wealth and assets are preserved and protected not just during your life time, but for generations to come. 

Bank Accounts

We can help set up your local or international bank accounts very quickly. We have strong relationships with the worlds leading banks.

Currency Exchange

Our FX platform can help you move money quickly, reliably and securely, using best foreign exchange rates.

Residence & Citizenship

Understand the huge benefits of acquiring a second residence or citizenship through one of the many international government programs.

Multi Family Office

Our multi-family office ensures that the right people benefit from your wealth through carefully designed succession and inheritance planning.


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