A new era of diplomatic collaboration between Syria and Commonwealth of Dominica

In a signing ceremony that took place at the headquarters of Syria’s permanent delegation to the United Nations in New York City earlier this month, Syria and the Commonwealth of Dominica signed a diplomatic relations agreement between the two countries.

The agreement was signed by Ambassador Bassam Sabbagh, Permanent Representative of Syria to the UN, and Loreen Bannis-Roberts, Permanent Representative of Dominica to the UN.

Bassam Sabbagh, the Syrian Ambassador, emphasized that the initiation of diplomatic relations between Syria and Dominica marks the beginning of multifaceted bilateral communication and coordination. This is in addition to the reciprocation of support at international arenas.

As for Loreen Bannis-Roberts, she hopes that a magnitude of opportunities for bilateral cooperation will be explored in the near future.

According to the United Nations Charter, friendly relations between member countries are a universal ideal. This agreement affirms the two countries’ common desire to adhere to these ideals.

In addition, the agreement enshrines both sides’ commitment to complying with the high standards set out in the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. This includes the commitment to establish bilateral partnerships toward achieving the sustainable development goals of 2030 and to exchange experience for mutual benefit.

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