Anguilla citizenship by investment

Anguilla is a British Overseas Territory that falls under UK sovereignty. As such, it does not offer a direct citizenship by investment (CBI) programme. This makes it different to other Caribbean CBI programmes currently available. However, Anguilla residents can apply to become British Overseas Territories citizens after five years.

This article describes the Anguilla residency by investment programme and the steps you need to take to apply for Anguilla citizenship. It covers these essential topics:

  • Anguilla’s residency by investment options
  • Anguilla’s permanent residency by investment eligibility requirements
  • Benefits of Anguilla’s residency by investment program
  • How to apply for Anguilla’s Citizenship – timeline
  • Documents required for Anguilla’s residency by investment
  • How much does Anguilla’s citizenship costs?
  • Anguilla’s passport visa-free countries

Anguilla’s residency by investment options

There are two options when applying for Anguilla’s residency by investment: the Capital Development Fund, and Real Estate Investment. It is also possible to gain tax residency through Anguilla’s High Value Resident (HVR) Programme.

Capital Development – The Anguilla government established the Capital Development Fund to grow and diversify the economy through investment in public sector projects. The minimum investment is USD 150,000, with an additional USD 50,000 for each spouse or dependent included in the application for residency. There are additional application, processing, due diligence and agency fees.

Real Estate Investment – This route involves a minimum investment of USD 750,000, and that amount covers up to four family members on the residency application. An additional USD 100,000 investment is required per person for any family member after that. Once again, there will also be application, processing, due diligence and agency fees.

The property must be held for at least five years. There is a wide variety of eligible properties to invest in, ranging from homes, villas and condominiums to hotel units or other non-residential properties. Investors are recommended to seek conditional approval of their application before committing to a property investment. Working with an advisor will prove indispensable here.

Anguilla Citizenship – After five years as a resident, it is possible to apply to become a British Overseas Territories Citizen and eventually a British Citizen.

High Value Resident Programme – Anguilla’s HVR programme is aimed at wealthy investors. Applicants gain tax residency in Anguilla via an annual payment of USD 75,000. The payments must be made for at least five years, and applicants must own and maintain property on the island worth at least $400,000 throughout those five years.

During these years of tax residency, investors must establish genuine roots in Anguilla and make a written annual declaration confirming that they spend less than 183 days (6 months) in any other country over the 12-month period. The tax residency program does not lead to citizenship.

Anguilla’s permanent residency by investment eligibility requirements

The application process for permanent residency by investment in Anguilla is straightforward, as long as you can fulfil these eligibility criteria:

  • Applicants must be aged over 18.
  • Any children included in the application must be under 18. Children under 26 who are financially reliant on their parents must be enrolled in full-time tertiary education to be considered dependents.
  • Parents of the main applicant or the spouse can be included as dependents.
  • If you are employed (rather than a business owner), a letter from employers of the past five years is required.
  • If you are a business owner or self-employed, you will need to show proof of your healthy finances.
  • You must spend at least 45 days in Anguilla each year as a resident and a maximum of 183 days each year in another country.
  • A written police statement is required, verifying your residence in the countries you have lived in for more than six months.
  • An up-to-date CV and proof of qualifications are needed to verify your business experience.
  • You will need to demonstrate your genuine ties and commitment to Anguilla financially – for example, by opening a bank account.
  • Applicants must speak fluent English, and a test will usually be held at the Attorney General’s Chambers.
  • If applying for citizenship, you must have held Anguilla residency for five years, including at least one year of permanent residence.

Benefits of Anguilla’s residency by investment program

Anguilla’s residency by investment program was launched in 2019 and has quickly become one of the most sought-after schemes of its kind. This is for various reasons, notably the tax rules on the island and the country’s fabulous seascapes and scenery.

Residency can be achieved in just three months, as long as you can make the required investment and produce all the documents needed for the application.

Anguilla has no direct taxation, with no income tax, capital gains tax, gift tax, net worth tax, inheritance tax or corporate taxation. There is no VAT, either.

You can become a British Overseas Territory Citizen (BOTC) after five years if you select the permanent residence program. This passport allows visa-free access to 95 countries, including Europe’s Schengen region.

How to apply for Anguilla’s Citizenship – timeline

Stage 1 – You must apply for the Anguilla select residence program using an approved designated agent, who will work with the Anguilla authorities to process your application. The agent will help you gather the required documents and file the completed application. This is usually processed in under three months.

Stage 2 (month 4) – Once your application has been accepted, a letter of approval in principle will be sent to you, inviting you to proceed with the investment you have chosen (real estate or capital development). The agent will hand over all the transaction records once the investment has been completed.

Stage 3 (month 4) – Formal approval and a residence card will be granted as soon as the authorities are satisfied that the required investment has been completed.

Stage 4 – After five years of residency, you can apply for full citizenship and an Anguilla passport.

Documents required for Anguilla’s residency by investment

The documents you will need to produce with your application vary depending on your circumstances and investment route. However, the following items are generally required for all applications to Anguilla’s residency by investment program:

  • A completed application form.
  • Proof of payment of all relevant fees.
  • Copy of your passport.
  • Passport photos.
  • National ID card.
  • Certified copy of your birth certificate.
  • Certified copy of your marriage or divorce certificate(s) (if applicable).
  • CV, reference letters, bank statements, and other supporting documents.
  • Any other additional documents needed from dependents included in the application.

How much does Anguilla’s citizenship costs?

The Capital Development route costs USD 150,000, plus USD 50,000 for each dependent. The Real Estate Investment path costs a minimum of USD 750,000 for a family of up to four and an additional USD 100,000 for additional family members. In addition to this, there are application fees of USD 3,000 for a family of four and due diligence fees of USD 7,500.

Anguilla’s passport visa-free countries

An Anguilla passport gives you visa-free travel to all the countries in the EU and Europe’s Schengen area, plus the UK, Serbia, Moldova and Albania. In the Americas, your passport will take you visa-free to Canada, Mexico, all the countries of Central and South America (apart from Guyana and Suriname) and the Caribbean islands. In Asia, you can access Indonesia, Malaysia and Kazakhstan. You can also visit Vanuatu in Oceania, and Botswana, Gambia, Namibia, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, Tunisia, Zambia and Zimbabwe in Africa.

In addition, you can visit many other places with visa-on-arrival or an e-visa.

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