Greece Citizenship By Investment

Business Expansion Through European Citizenship Program

With the ever-increasing restrictions on global immigration, countries are being somewhat skeptical about opening their borders to people. But that should not be your concern if you are aware of the Citizenship by investment program which is becoming popular day by day among the investors.

There are many perks of being an investor citizen and if you are a businessman from India or the middle east, some very important privileges await you in this program. Citizenship by investment comes with some extraordinary travel benefits, for which, as experts predict, there will be a surge in demand for acquiring citizenship through this new method.

European countries along with all the other nations around the globe are using the CBI scheme to attract more investors which in turn would boost the economies, creating more employment and revenues for the government. With the tightening of the US borders and the strict immigration control that is being imposed there, the most viable alternative left for many businessmen is to opt for the CBI program in the EU countries. The UK leaving the European Union has also initiated a new interest among the British who are looking for investment options outside their native country.

Malta, Cyprus, Switzerland, Portugal, — along with the recent addition of Montenegro and Moldova — are some of the European countries that are offering citizenship by investment program to international investors including those of India and the Middle East. Those who opt it for are immediately given three quintessential benefits as investor citizen of the country, which are:

  • The right to live.
  • The professional freedom to work.
  • Permission to register their business.

All these three benefits are very suited to the interest of the Middle Eastern and Indian businessman as it gives them the opportunity of expanding their enterprise like never before.

The Benefits of Acquiring European Citizenship by Investment

To give you the details of the benefits, we have curated a list of the same to help you gain all the information that you need, to take the decision of becoming an Investor Citizen of the European countries.

  • Speed: The factor that tops the list of benefits is obviously speed and if you are into business you should know that time often has the most value in an investor’s life. Many residents of EU countries often have to wait for at least one year before they can start with their application process for obtaining citizenship. But with CBI the entire procedure gets fast-forwarded and you can save a considerable amount of time without the stress of long waits.
  • Health-Care: As an EU citizen, you are entitled to healthcare services in any of the 28 member states. So when you are out on your business tours to other EU countries, you can relax and do not have to worry in case you fall sick.
  • Professional Freedom: The CBI program gives the investors to expand their businesses like never before. As a citizen of the EU country, a bunch of investment and market opportunities open for the investor as one is automatically given the right to work and live in any of the EU member countries.
  • Property Ownership: Just like you are gifted with health care and professional freedom in any of the EU countries, it’s no different when it comes to owning property. A citizen of an EU member country has the right to own property in any of the other member countries. This is especially beneficial for those from India and the Middle east as it gives them the opportunity to live in other countries and augment the efficiency of their business.
  • Easy Customs Clearance: Though it might feel like nothing, yet CBI ensures this facility when it comes to customs clearance at airports. While entering any EU country, you are destined to get special treatment as a citizen of an EU member country and you can quickly surpass the other Non-Eu travelers, thus making a quick and less hectic exit from the airports.
  • Visa-Free Entry: The most crucial benefit that you get as an investor citizen is the freedom to travel to around 100 countries without Visa. It also one of the most important reasons why the CBI program is fast gaining popularity.


The future holds a distinctive and sharp rise both in the number of investments and investors through this program. Those from Middle-East and India are particularly interested in CBI as it opens up limitless opportunities for them both personally and professionally. All the extra benefits are some of the perks that the investors are sure to enjoy.