Georgia investor visas: A comprehensive guide

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to Georgia investor visas. In this article, we’ll explore the dual pathways of securing a Georgian visa through real estate or business investment. We will provide details of the investment criteria, the subsequent journey to permanent residency, and eventual citizenship.

This article describes the program’s benefits, including dual citizenship and the country’s advantageous tax system. Whether you’re an investor seeking to expand globally or wishing to call Georgia home, this guide offers clarity and direction on your investment and residency journey in Georgia.

Qualifying investments

In this section, we’ll look at the residency pathways offered by real estate and business investment, offering insights into investment thresholds, residence permits, and renewal conditions.

Real estate investment

Investing in Georgia’s burgeoning real estate sector is a viable route to obtaining an investor visa. There are two distinct investment thresholds, each yielding different residence permit types and durations.

$100,000 investment: Investors who allocate $100,000 towards real estate are granted a one-year residence permit, renewable annually as long as the investment is retained. This option, however, does not pave the way for an indefinite stay permit.

$300,000 investment: A higher investment of $300,000 secures a one-year renewable residence permit and provides an opportunity to convert it to a “Residence Permit for Indefinite Stay” in the fifth year, contingent upon maintaining the investment. Note: this does not translate to unconditional permanent residency.

Business investment

The business investment option is ideal for those inclined towards entrepreneurship or seeking to infuse capital into an existing business.

$300,000 investment: By injecting $300,000 into a new or prevailing business, investors are immediately accorded a five-year “Residence Permit for Indefinite Stay”. To extend this privilege beyond the fifth year, businesses must demonstrate the attainment of stipulated revenue targets.

Both real estate and business investments lead to unconditional permanent residency after six continuous years of residency, provided the investor hasn’t been absent from Georgia for more than 90 days in the preceding five-year period.

Pathway to permanent residency

In this section, we’ll explain the criteria, tenure, and continuous stay prerequisites integral to the transition from an investor visa to unconditional permanent residence.

Eligibility criteria

The attainment of permanent residency is predicated on a six-year continuous residency under the Georgia investor visa program. This phase is characterised by adherence to residence and presence mandates.

Six-year tenure: Investors are eligible for unconditional permanent residence after a six-year continuous stay. This eligibility is contingent upon the investor’s adherence to the physical presence and investment maintenance prerequisites.

Physical presence: An imperative caveat is the requirement for the investor to be physically present in the country for at least three-quarters of each year during this six-year period.

Absence limitations

The investor’s absence from Georgia is also monitored and regulated to ensure continuous residency.

90-day absence: Investors must not be absent from Georgia for more than 90 days in the preceding five-year period to retain their eligibility for permanent residency. This stipulation underscores the commitment to residing in Georgia.

Benefits of the Georgia investor visa program

The Georgia investor visa program offers benefits ranging from a streamlined path to citizenship to financial incentives. In this section, we will explore the advantages of the investor visa, a lucrative option for global investors and families alike.

Path to citizenship

The investor visa is not just a residence permit – it’s a stepping stone to becoming a citizen of Georgia.

Ten-year journey: After ten years of continuous residence, investors can apply for citizenship, transforming the financial commitment into a lifelong affiliation with Georgia.

Dual/multiple citizenship: Georgia’s legislative landscape accommodates dual or multiple citizenships, enabling investors to retain their original nationality.

Financial incentives

The financial landscape in Georgia is tailored to nurture investments and offer tangible financial benefits to investors.

Lower taxes: Investors enjoy a favourable tax regime, characterised by lower taxes that optimise return on investment and disposable income.

Lower cost of living: Georgia’s cost of living is comparatively lower, translating to enhanced quality of life and financial flexibility.

Quality of life

The program isn’t just about financial and citizenship perks; it’s also about the quality of life offered in Georgia.

Safety and security: Georgia boasts a stable political environment, a low crime rate and enhanced safety protocols, making it a haven for residents.

Short processing time: The visa processing architecture is designed for efficiency, ensuring applicants can transition to Georgian residency swiftly.

Cultural richness: Georgia is not just an investment destination but a cultural gem. The rich heritage and vibrant culture, matched with the warmth of its people, transform the investment journey into a cultural immersion. Residents enjoy a blend of fascinating historical, architectural grandeur and a modern lifestyle that is both enriching and invigorating.

Educational opportunities: For families, the educational infrastructure in Georgia is crucial. The country boasts a range of quality educational institutions, ensuring that children receive a world-class education, integrated with cultural richness and diversity.

Application process and additional information

The application process for the Georgia Investor Visa is structured to ensure clarity, efficiency and transparency. In this section, we will navigate through the procedural steps, requirements for family inclusions, and additional fees that prospective investors should anticipate.

Application submission

Initiating the investor visa application involves a comprehensive review and submission process, ensuring that all statutory requirements and investment criteria are met.

Documentation: All requisite documents must be gathered, ensuring that the investment, legal and identity verifications are addressed.

Evaluation process: The application undergoes a rigorous evaluation, with an emphasis on the authenticity of the investment, adherence to legal protocols, and alignment with statutory requirements.

Family inclusion

The Georgia investor visa extends to the investor’s family, ensuring that your dependents can also enjoy the benefits and the transition to Georgian residency.

Spouses and children: Spouses and children under 18 are eligible for inclusion in the application. This inclusivity ensures that families can collectively embark on the Georgian residency journey.

Residency permits: Family members included in the application receive corresponding residency permits, ensuring that the family’s stay, legal status and benefits are harmonised.

Additional fees

While the primary focus is on the investment, applicants should anticipate some additional processing fees in the application process.

Processing fees: There are nominal fees associated with processing the application, assessing the documents and issuing the residency permits.

Renewal fees: Nominal fees apply to the visa renewal process.


Embarking on the journey to obtain a Georgia investor visa is a strategic step towards global mobility, financial optimisation, and a quality life experience. This comprehensive guide illuminates the paths, processes and benefits intrinsic to this residency program.

Whether your focus is on real estate, business investment, or transitioning to permanent residency and citizenship, the opportunities within Georgia’s borders are considerable.

We trust this guide will assist you in your informed decision-making as you consider aligning your investment, residency and citizenship aspirations with the considerable advantages of Georgia.