Happiness is About How You Value Your Life: Invest in Life Insurance

Every day, thousands of posts, articles, and columns are being written focusing on the ways of living a happy life. There is an umpteenth number of suggestions available online for that, yet in this article, we present you with one very simple, yet penetrating idea.

To have a happy life, one must value life itself more than anything else in this world. We don’t realize this often or only come to terms with it when we are faced with a crisis: despite life being the most precious gift that we could ever want or have. As a crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic has made drastic changes to our lifestyle, while also teaching us to value life as it is and be grateful for it. Faced with the realities and difficulties of being in isolation, we are reminded constantly that our lives matter not only for ourselves but also for those around us: that is, our families and our friends.

Of course, all this is rather abstract and brings us to the inevitable question: how do we value life? Are there any practical ways of doing so? In this article, we introduce you to one of the most feasible ways of making the most out of your life. Further, it also ensures a protected future for you, your family, as well as your business.

Rising Uncertainties Amidst COVID-19

According to Walter Jopp, the CEO of Zurich’s operations in the Middle East, “the unprecedented nature of COVID-19 with the rising rate of infections and the increasing death toll across the globe has altered the mindset of individuals.” Moreover, he feels that “the previous misconception of ‘it won’t happen to me’ has been set straight and people are now coming to terms with the fact that the unexpected does happen and it can happen to anyone and everyone.”

To survive the pandemic, we need immunity. However, this is not only limited to our health but also to our economic, financial, as well as familial assets. Life can be full of unpleasant surprises, but we must be prepared to battle through the crisis and emerge victoriously. Life insurance is one such way of ensuring the basic immunity to your family and your business, even in your absence, because let’s face it, we humans can be anything but immortal and our lives are anything but a cakewalk.

An Assurance for Your Family and Business

When your life is insured, the future of your family and business is assured. This assurance can come in a number of ways.

A Stability That Your Kids Deserve

Your kids don’t have to worry about your funeral, your loans, credit card bills, or mortgage. The insurance money can also be used to fund their education or own a business, buy a home, or even pay for their wedding in case of your unexpected demise.

As parents, we always want to be that protective shield for our children. Death scares us more when we come face to face with the fact that, in our absence, our children will be alone and have to fend for themselves. A well-planned life insurance policy takes that burden off your shoulder, letting you live the rest of your life with the assurance that your children will have your support even when you aren’t with them physically.

The Peace of Mind

The most important part about having insurance is that it gives you, your family, and also your business partners the much-needed peace of mind. Everyone lives with the confidence that they would be able to live off even in your absence. In turn, this can actually contribute to a healthier, happier life for everyone without the stress of an unknown future.

As doctors would have it, most of the modern diseases have their roots in excess worry and stress. So, taking care of your health also means omitting out all these possible sources of tension.

A Substantial Retirement Plan

Your insurance can be planned in such a way that it can supplement your income after your retirement in case your other investments fail to give you sufficient returns. However, as these insurances can cost higher it’s advisable to get in touch with an expert to avail proper guidance and to make the most out of your plan.

A Protection for Your Business

Your insurance can bring multiple ways of profit accumulation for you. It can safeguard your company’s interest in case of the sudden death of a key employee. It can also allow you to borrow money with the extra benefit of tax-free accumulation. The possibilities are endless and to help you with the best utilization of your resources, we, at Huriya, are doing our best to give you a world-class service even during the pandemic.

Security for All

Even if you are a stay-at-home parent without any regular source of income, you should get your life insured. In your absence, there needs to be someone who takes up your responsibilities and manages the house the way you used to. It might be difficult for your partner to manage all that alone and can be especially hectic for your kids. Your insurance money can help them hire services.

Life Insurance as an Asset: Secure Your Future With Huriya

In case you’re wondering that all these are not reason enough to spend that extra amount of money, here is the final piece of information that might set the records straight. At Huriya, we not only get you the perfect insurance plan suited to your circumstances but also convert your insurance into an alternative asset class. This means, in return for the money that you spend, you secure your future and also get attractive tax benefits on your property.

Simply put, Alternative Asset Classes are assets or financial holdings that can’t be liquidated easily. Thus, they often don’t come under the purview of income tax, and yet, remain a source of security for you and your family during a crisis, come what may.

Presently, with continuous lock-downs and restrictions on travel around the world, it can be cumbersome for you to visit us in our offices. Yet, as always, we are well-prepared and realize that around 60% of high-income earners would prefer digital insurance and are reluctant to take the risk of physical interaction. Moreover, we’ve found that half of all our consumers nodded in the affirmative for digital insurance when they were asked to make a choice between the two.

Lastly, at Huriya, we know that trust is a predominant factor while buying and selling insurance online. Relying upon our years of experience and reputation, in us, you can trust. We bring you plans that are affordable and the best suited to your situation. With us, you have the security and the guarantee that you and your family deserve. Your life, after all, is precious. Reach out today, and secure your happiness.