Kawana Bay, Grenada

Kimpton Kawana Bay: Citizenship by Investment (CBI) in Grenada

The pandemic has ushered in a new era, and like every new beginning, it also has a lot of political chaos and economic instability. The increasing helplessness of humankind has taught us that there will be things beyond our control. However, that should not mean that you should stop with your future planning. Times like these require extraordinary solutions and careful planning.

So, in this article, we let you know about a brilliant investment opportunity that is fast becoming popular among the High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) who are evading the risk of political instability and other factors beyond their control by obtaining secondary citizenships to protect themselves as well as their families.

What is Secondary Citizenship?

Well, secondary citizenship can mean a lot of things based on the context in which it’s being mentioned. It can also have varied meanings if we are to consider the different legalities that each nation has with respect to it.

But in this article, we bring to you some very specific information with regard to secondary citizenship and what it means in the context of citizenship by investment and in the country of Grenda. Before we get into the details of the same, let’s briefly take a look at the ways in which citizenship by investment can better your lives and ease you off your financial responsibilities.

  • It ensures double security to your hard-earned wealth and ensures the protection of the same.
  • It gives you the opportunity to have a home far from your own country.
  • It increases your global mobility as you become the owner of an additional passport and you can enjoy visa-free travel to many countries. This benefit is even better for those whose native countries are politically unsettled and thus face many restrictions while traveling to other countries.
  • You also get a safe gateway for investment which continues to fetch you returns even when you take a break.

Kimpton Kawana Bay

In case you have never heard of Kimpton Kawana Bay, here’s a little geography that would help you locate it. Grenada is one of the most beautiful islands located in the southern end of the Caribbean chain. Kimpton Kawana Bay is the newest five-star beachfront resort of Grenada and it’s going to be fully operational from the year of 2021. Kimpton® Hotels & Restaurants, which is a part of IHG® (InterContinental Hotels Group) will be responsible for the running of this hotel.

To give you a glimpse of what’s in store for the guests of the hotel, the list is long and reeks of luxury and comfort. Starting with an infinity pool, the hotel would have water sports facilities, a fitness center, spa, chef-run restaurant, lounge bar, rooftop lounge and not to forget the beach bar. Thus, Kimpton Kawana Bay is all set to be Grenada’s newest luxury resort specially designed for the charming, high-end travelers committed to experience the best of Caribbeans.

Now, if you are to ask how this hotel is related to the secondary citizenship of Grenada, here’s the main piece of information for you. Kimpton Kawana Bay brings to you the exclusive offer to secure your citizenship of Grenada, with the help of the country’s Citizenship By Investment Program (CBI). All you need to do is buy the hotel suites and studios and voila! You are now both a citizen and an investor cum property holder of Granada. The prices start from US$220,000 only.

In the words of Chris Immelman, the head of Pam Golding International, “apart from secondary citizenship, purchasing at Kimpton Kawana Bay provides hassle-free ownership, a share of hotel revenue each year and no annual out of pocket fees.

The CBI program in Grenada is the most hassle-free way of securing citizenship. Not only is it efficient but also a fast and straightforward way to achieve your dreams of acquiring secondary citizenship. It also comes with its own benefits that are enlisted below.

  • Visa-free travel to over 140 countries.
  • No tax on worldwide income.
  • No wealth, gift, inheritance, or capital gains tax.
  • No requirement for an interview, educational background, language test, or management experience.
  • Permission for dual citizenship.

Apart from the above-mentioned facilities, you also should know that Grenada as a country has an E-2 visa treaty with the USA which means that those with E-2 visas can run a business and become residents of the USA along with their families. E-2 visas are remarkable because it takes only two months for processing.

Thus, Kimpton Kawana Bay gives you citizenship opportunities that are financially beneficial, and designed according to the latest global market, with a high-profit share and fascinating second home options.

Grenada: Nature’s Abode

A lot has been said about the finance, the economy, and the profit and the return related to the CBI Grenada program. We will conclude the article by giving you some exquisite details about the island of Grenada. The island with its all year round sea breeze and lush green rain forest is heavenly for all those who seek to reunite their inner selves. The tropical climate blessed with the gushes of cold wind ensures that as a traveler you gain experiences that are unique and balanced with the fragrance of life and nature. The country, with its rich local history and culture, is only a flight away from most of the big city airports and is connected to all the major international ones.

The island is a hub of safe, undeterred tourism set amidst the exotic forest and the beaches. On the other hand, Kimpton Kawana Bay, the five-star hotel, is situated in the Grand Anse Beach which has also been mentioned as one of the best beaches of the world, by Conde Nast Traveler.

In case you are apprehensive about the language barrier, here’s the last bit of comforting news for you. The people in Grenada are mostly English speaking and are known to be very welcoming to tourists and outsiders. And thus, Grenada and its CBI program coupled with Kimpton Kawana Bay has the potential to be a game-changer and the most coherent Plan B for all the investors out there in the post-COVID world.