More Power To Superwomen

The company has been encouraging female participation in the field of financial advisory and citizenship by investment, ever since its launch in 2018 in order to increase the leadership team to more than 50 per cent of women.


Anna, the first resource at Huriya Private became part of the team as an Administration Manager, followed by Sehrish who joined as a Business Development Manager and was promoted after coming back from maternity leave last year to Head of Sales — Citizenship and Residency — now responsible for a whole sales team and Gaya, our Head of Administration and Processing is an integral part of Huriya Private since May 2020.

The vision of Huriya Private entails that women be a part of mid-senior and executive leader roles, while also helping these women, particularly mothers, by coaching and offering mentorship programmes to them in order to help them achieve their maximum potential professionally and personally.

60 per cent of our employees are female and Heads of Departments are represented mostly by female colleagues from different cultures and backgrounds. The diversity speaks for itself. Compensation at Huriya Private strictly depends on experience, skills, and education; we are certainly here for equal pay for both women and men. Even though Huriya Private does not fall in the public sector category, as of January 1, 2022, we have introduced shortened working hours — 34.5 hours per week, as we truly believe in maintaining a good work-life balance. Our resources are our most valuable assets and major contributors to the profits and worth of Huriya Private and we are all for investing in the well-being of all our employees, providing flexibility to our team members who wish to concentrate on their studies or professional development or simply spend more time with their family members. The feather in the cap for Huriya Private is the comprehensive benefits package enjoyed by female employees to create maximum work-life balance. Our maternity leave is more generous than the provision of the new Federal law concerning employment relations. Female employees who have completed two years with Huriya enjoy a 100-day full pay maternity leave and employees who have completed less than two years of service get a 60-day full pay maternity leave. We also offer regular training, development opportunities, and frequent wellness activities for employees so that we all stay at our best. Huriya Private invests in employee benefit plans and various employee engagement activities, concentrating more on female resources to provide them with access to networking events, dinners, forums, all specifically designed to bring women together and provide insight into the workplace. Huriya Private’s commitment to bring about a positive and progressive change in our communities and the lives of our employees through alignment of philanthropy and employee engagement is at the core of the values of the company. We believe that we grow stronger by helping to improve the lives of others through responsible business practices and corporate citizenship and this commitment is built on our employees’ deeply ingrained sense of social responsibility.

With this as our driving force, the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women and Huriya Private Scholarship Fund have partnered on the Foundation’s Mentoring Women in Business programme that aims to fund 50 scholarships for women entrepreneurs to take part in the programme as mentors through the Foundation’s Scholarship Fund, in turn supporting 50 more women entrepreneurs as their mentees.

The programme helps level the playing field for women entrepreneurs, and contribute to global growth, equality and prosperity. It helps women become more successful, better off, more secure, and more independent, thus creating an impact around the world as these women will, in turn, be able to give their children better life prospects, support their families, create jobs, provide important services to their communities, contribute to the economic growth of their countries, and become leaders in their societies.

This mentoring programme has already supported 10,000 people as mentors and mentees so far. We have also a fully paid internship programme for young women to help fund their education. Furthermore, we offer mentorship to aid in building strong professional development and support networks. Huriya Private is dedicated to providing a platform and opportunities for women to grow professionally and personally. We are hoping to attract, retain, reward and empower many superwomen accordingly for their success.


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