Secret Bay: Thriving upon Growing ROIs & Sale of Residence

The COVID-19 outbreak is costing us a lot of things. It’s been hard for people all over the world as bad news continues to lurk in every corner of our lives. With finance and investment at a standstill, the global economy is facing an unprecedented crisis that puts many lives and livelihoods at risk. But, the pursuit of happiness can never stop and we understand that. So this article will bring you some good news which has the potential to not only brighten your day but also to change your life.

There are many ways to get citizenship but the easiest one that can also bring you some profit is citizenship by investment. So here’s the first good news brought to you by Caribbean’s one of the most celebrated citizenship by investment project in the real estate sector: the residences at Secret Bay, Dominica, which continues with its sale of properties even in these trying times. Even more surprising is the fact that the recent purchase happened last week and now 50% of the built villas are already sold.

Those who are well ahead with their investments in the projects have also started earning their profit and their next return check would reach them on May 15, 2020. As of now, all the villas that have been bought by the investors. Zabuco and Ti-fay Delux villas, for instance, not only bear the promise of luxury but are fully functional assets that continue to bring the investors assurance in terms of profit. Yet, this is not where the story ends.

Thanks to the government of Dominica which has permitted construction as an essential activity, Secret Bay is on board with its next phase and the work has already started with a mission as well as a deadline which is handing over 5 more villas by November 2020. To shed more light on this here’s what Gregor Nassief, the CEO of GEMS Holdings Limited and the proprietor of Secret Bay, has to say about the project:

“We’re excited to expand our existing product inventory with the introduction of these five new real estate offerings for CBI investors, which each feature a two-story floor plan,  a private pool, an outdoor rain shower cantilevered off the second floor, floor-to-ceiling glass walls and an abundance of space for residents to enjoy an intimate tropical island experience.”

Moreover, “by continuously offering completed villas, buyers have the opportunity to invest in an already-operating product that yields immediate returns.’’

He is also delighted to share the recent increase in demand from different continents such as Africa, Asia, along with the regions of the middle east. Investors from the US are not aloof either and many are considering investing in Secret Bay as a plan B, to secure their money along with the added benefit of citizenship. In case you still have questions about why one should invest in this project, here’s something for you straight from the horse’s mouth.

In Nassief’s words, “as I last shared with IMI Daily about why investors should invest in Secret Bay, and the trend for ownership beyond citizenship, Secret Bay has demonstrated its value equation of having proven financial performance and a competitive exit strategy with a robust market for resale.

Reasons to invest in the secret Bay are varied and not limited only to your finances or citizenship. Secret Bay is all about everything green and gorgeous. The residences are unique combinations of luxury and simplicity, nature and architecture set amidst a landscape that has every bit of wonder that you could hope for. The mountain-top villas offer breathtaking views of the sea, the mountain, and the rainforest which would soothe your eyes and refresh your soul.

Though the pandemic has prohibited travelers’ entry to the island, the praises for Secret Bay have not stopped coming. It has been featured as one of the most beautiful resorts by Robb Report on their article titled “12 Spectacular Hotel Hideaways That Embrace the Power of Solitude’. They are not the first to appreciate the project and would not be the last either. The project has captured the attention of many journals and newspapers like Architectural Digest, Brides, Cosmopolitan, CNN, Fortune,  National Geographic, Outside, the cover of Travel + Leisure, The Telegraph, and several others who have given their readers valuable insight about the project.

As a company, Secret Bay is pretty well organized about its priorities. While the workers are always on their toes to come to the aid of the investors and customers, they are not far behind when it comes to serving the government and the citizens of Dominica. Caring for the community has been one of the supreme qualities and has been an active factor in all the projects undertaken by Secret Bay. This is why the GEMs family of brands, including Secret Bay and Fort Young Hotel & Dive Resort has started the “Koudmen Kitchen” program to provide 50 no-cost meals a day at four locations to all the frontline workers battling the COVID-19 crisis with all their strength.

There are many factors that set Residences at Secret Bay apart from every other real estate project. The primary one is that it stands alone in terms of official approval and continues to be the only government-approved real estate project in Dominica inviting both the citizenship investors and vacation home buyers to the beautiful country of Dominica. The growing demands of it prove that it is right on its way by offering the buyers the most essential and profitable benefits for investment and would usher in a strong and dependable future for all.

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