St Kitts and Nevis Jumpstart 2022 With A New Investment Option

Among the recent amendments to citizenship investment programs announced by several hosting countries, St Kitts and Nevis have recently launched a new investment option within its Citizenship by Investment Program: Alternative Investment Option (AIO).

This option allows applicants to invest in alternative projects that have been approved by the St Kitts government or listed by privately-owned companies with financing capabilities. As soon as the project is completed and operated for a certain period that allows for a fair ROI, it should be handed over to the government in a sustained condition.

St Kitts government has divided AIO into two categories:

  • Public Good Project Developer (PGPD): Projects will be fully funded with a minimum of $175,000 investment by the PGPD and will be turned over to the government upon the end of the agreement.
  • Private Enterprise Developer (PED): Projects will be established and funded by private companies with a minimum of $200,000 investment.

The Alternative Investment Option initiative aspires to enhance local employment opportunities along with optimizing technology and building capacity.

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