The New UAE Residency Schemes: A Gift That Keeps On Giving

The new UAE residency scheme is just a gift that keeps on giving. With the beginning of the new year, Dubai Airport Free Zone has announced the launch of a new Talent Pass that entitles freelancers to a 3-year residence visa, intending to attract global talents in media, art, education, marketing, technology, and consultancy. 

The launch of the new Talent Pass by the Dubai Airport Free Zone has expanded the vast set of UAE residency options, each with distinctive features to suit a diverse range of scenarios and circumstances for UAE residence. 

You Name It, UAE Residency Visa Has It

Staying in the UAE no longer depends solely on your work and the limited visa options available of either a company employment visa or investor’s visa. Now the existing visa choices are offering residents a wider variety of options curated under different eligibility criteria and features. This includes Golden Visas, Remote Work Visa, Retirement Visa, Special Talent Visa, Freelance Visa, and soon-to-launch Green Visas, all focused on securing a stable life and future for UAE residents. 

Tailor-Made Visa Features for Everyone

By the time your visa renewal comes, you need to be ready with your new visa choice.

If you are a retiree over the age of 55, you can get a long-term retirement visa of 5 years if you invest in real estate with a total worth of AED 2 million and have a monetary saving of at least AED 1 million, with an active monthly income of at least an AED 20,000. 

If that sounds too early to consider, then maybe a golden visa, freelance visa, or even remote work visas are worth considering. 

Golden Visas grant residency permits for investors, entrepreneurs, professional talents, and even bright students with outstanding performance for a 5-10 years period depending on eligibility criteria set by the UAE government.

As for freelance visas, freelancers can obtain a three-year visa, along with eligibility to rent office space provided by Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZ).

Working for a company outside the UAE? There is a visa option for that too! If you are working remotely from the UAE, The UAE has launched a new Remote Work Visa Scheme to enable talents and entrepreneurs from all around the world to work remotely with a one-year visa that allows them to work within UAE’s attractive business environment with self sponsorship under terms and conditions issued with their visa.

A Utopian Lifestyle on the UAE Lands

With a magnitude of residency visa options, the UAE has once again outperformed itself by maintaining a sense of security and freedom for UAE residents. With a cosmopolitan culture, outstanding laws, modernistic vision, best-in-class infrastructure, and business environment, The UAE continues to be the country where Utopian dreams come true.