What Is New for Portugal Golden Visa in 2022?

As the much-anticipated program changes for Portugal Golden Visa were put into action, a significant change in the application demand could be noticed in 2022. With policy changes to real estate acquisition locations, and minimum investment amount increase for capital transfer and fund investment, the demand for program applicants and potential investors had remarkably increased in light of the new regulations.  

So, how did regulation amendments impact investors’ demand for Portugal’s Golden Visa in 2022? 

All Eyes on the Designated Interior locations 

With the newly implemented real estate regulations, attention is now shifting to the property market of the designated interior areas. Now investors are only able to purchase residential property within the appointed interior areas of the city. As the spotlight drifts away from residential property options in Lisbon and Porto to promote investment in low-density regions, new locations such as Aljezur, Douro Valley, and Monchique are becoming the new center of attention for most investors. 

Increasing Investment Funds & Increasing Demand! 

Although a typical increase in fund investment amount is logically predicted to decrease application demand, this is not the case here. With the jump of the fund subscription investment amount from €350,000 to €500,000, more investors are submitting their applications under the new regulation. This trend can be brought back to a simple comparison between the reasonable investment amount of the Portugal Golden Visa program as compared to other investment programs in Europe. A significant increase is yet still competitive in the European Investment programs market.

 Time for Less Popular Investment Options to Shine 

Apart from the most popular investment options for Portugal Golden Visa namely real estate investment and fund subscription, other investment options are expected to take effect. This includes a €250,000 donation amount to the preservation of national heritage in Portugal.  

Welcoming New Investors in Summer 2022 

As the pandemic indicators start easing travel restrictions, more visitors are expected to visit Portugal this summer from all around the world, meaning new investors are expected to fall in love with the city and consider adding an investment in Portugal Golden Visa program into their portfolio, thanks to its flourishing investment opportunities. 

In a Nutshell  

Portugal Golden Visa continues to be a perfect choice for those who are seeking European residency or citizenship. The discussed amendments have helped the program stay dynamic and accommodating for various types of investors who are looking for diverse investment options in Europe, making it a favorable solution for many, owing to its promised benefits of visa-free access to over 170 countries when citizenship is obtained after 5 years, and stay requirement of only 7 days per year.

Huriya Private Take on Portugal Golden Visa Program 

“ We -at Huriya Private- are still seeing that the most popular investment option among Middle East investors and applicants is the EUR 280K buy-back option, as it gives them peace of mind, capital preservation, and an exit in case they couldn’t find the investment that they want” commented John Hanafin, Founder & CEO of Huriya Private on how he sees the future of Portugal Golden Visa program post recent regulation changes.


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