Why DMCC Is The Best Choice For Business?

There’s a reason why DMCC is The Leading Free Zone in the world. Everyone here at DMCC believes in offering the best possible service and assistance to the companies and clients. However, there might be specific questions about its location, business support, technological assistance, networking, security, and the like. Following is a series of Q&A to answer all those queries and more.

About Connectivity:

There might be extremely relevant questions about the location of the business/office space and place of residency. These issues are of concern because commuting through a busy city means wastage of time. Also, the growth of the company might take a hit if it is not well placed.

Q. Where is DMCC placed?

It is located in Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT) and is centrally located in the heart of new Dubai. One can easily reach here from Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, or anywhere else in Dubai. There are multiple high and middle range communities around the area including Emirates Living, Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Park, and Palm Jumeirah.

About Choosing DMCC:

There can be multiple queries as to why one should opt for DMCC among all the other Free Zones. This will lead to questions about the desirability to work here, the nature of customer service, and the volume of business expected annually.

Q. Will employees be eager to work in DMCC?

DMCC is the most desirable business community to work in Dubai. 43,000 employees have access to multiple and affordable educational and healthcare facilities. There are ample options for entertainment facilities including some exclusive retail chains. DMCC is also happy to provide meditation service when any dispute can’t be resolved between the employer and employees internally. The authority sees to it that the best comes to all parties.

Q. What about customer service? Will it be satisfactory?

Customer service is of prime importance to DMCC. Thus, member companies have scored an extraordinary 85% satisfaction rate for all customer needs. This directly impacts the volume of business done by individual companies.

About Business Support In Initial Stages:

It is absolutely natural to have a series of queries about the process of setting up a business at DMCC. This might include questions about getting the right kind of initial support and assistance from DMCC’s part. All needs including licensing, costs, and associated services are taken care of by the designated team of professionals.

Q. What about getting a business license? Will there be any advice on what kind of business will be suitable?

DMCC offers all kinds of services and the range is huge. From trading and consultancy to industrial activities of varying intensity- everything is on offer here. There are 900+ business activities here and the team can guide applicants on the most suitable activity for a profitable business venture. Everything from registration to licensing is taken care of by the expert and knowledgable staff. The list of charges and costs are available on the website www.dmcc.ae.

Q. What after that? Will all kinds of additional needs have to availed by the company on its own?

No, DMCC takes care of all additional needs including insurance, finance, recruitment, telecom, and other supporting services. There are several reliable partnering firms that offer these services at affordable rates.

About Other Kinds Of Business Support:

DMCC does not forget its responsibility after helping companies open their business. The team of professionals and other services are always available to make the journey a seamless one. Be it accessing specific industry platforms or choosing office space and communications with companies, DMCC has the best after-sales services.

Q. What about having access to specific platforms and industry groups?

DMCC has a designated Tea Center and Energy Club along with the Dubai Diamond Exchange and Dubai Gold Advisory Group. These platforms are a brilliant opportunity for industry leaders to catch up with their peers and discuss ideas about their growth. DMCC intends to extend and expand these industry clubs to include food, agriculture, shipping, and maritime activities.

Q. What kind of office space will be available to the company once it starts growing? What are the properties on offer?

DMCC has 12 Business Centers across a series of towers offering completely furnished office spaces where operations can start immediately. These ready to move in spaces come in all prices, shapes, and qualities. Additionally, there are freehold, leased, retail, and light industrial units on offer. This variety of spaces will allow each company to choose what is right for them.

Q. What about updates in the long run? How will they be communicated?

There are newsletters, DMCC publications, necessary electronic notifications to keep all the companies updated. Being a part of the DMCC family means that all steps will be taken to provide relevant news and opportunities frequently.

About Networking:

The key to a successful business is in contact with the right people at the right time. DMCC takes special care to get the advice and support of the DMCC Family and access their resources.

Q. Does associating with DMCC help get access to its leaders and their resources?

Everyone who becomes a member of the DMCC Family gets a gracious welcome breakfast with the Executive Chairman, CEO, and Director. They are accompanied by the top brass of the leadership team. Apart from this, there’s the opportunity to attend the DMCC Knowledge Series program for additional networking requirements.

Q. What about the opportunities of networking with peers and fellow members?

There’s every opportunity to learn and grow from the vast network of business professionals and industry experts. Out of the 39 events that took place in a year, 75% were without any charge. A whopping 7500 members of the community attended these events and diversified their base.

About Security & Environment:

It is absolutely important that the climate in which the business operates is free from any kind of malpractice and odd behavior. The safety and security of everyone in DMCC are of crucial importance and all necessary steps are taken to ensure that.

Q. What are the regulatory standards in place? Will it be suitable for the company’s reputation?

International standards are followed and maintained while formulating and evaluating all operations and procedures. Necessary diligence checks are performed and completely audited statements of finance are required from all companies on an annual basis. This transparency and ethical business practice ensure easy funding opportunities from the banks.

About Technological Support:

In this age of modernization and technical advancement, it is important to be updated and savvy with all the latest developments. DMCC provides one of the best online services through which any business operations can be conducted remotely.

Q. What about DMCC’s online account services? Will they be of any assistance?

DMCC allows all its members to access its services through state-of-the-art digital technology. Any electronic device can be used from anywhere around the world to apply for services and be updated about the developments. This removes the need to travel all the time to DMCC in person. Moreover, with less paperwork, requests are processed faster to offer quick and effective services.

DMCC strongly believes its motto: Made For Trade. All that is done on behalf of DMCC is aimed at bettering the business atmosphere and services. Hopefully, the above Q&A will answer why this is the place to be for business and more!