Antigua and Barbuda is an independent Commonwealth country in the Eastern Caribbean. With some 365 beaches of clean turquoise waters, it’s also known for its rainforests and resorts, is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. Tourism is the key driver of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and generates around 60% of the island’s income. Antigua and Barbuda is a member of the United Nations, the British Commonwealth, CARICOM and the Organisation of American States (OAS) among many other international organizations.


To get an Antigua and Barbuda passport, an applicant should make a notable economic contribution to the country. In exchange, and subject to a powerful vetting and due application process, including precise background checks, the applicants and their families are granted passports.


Continent Americas (Caribbean)
Capital St John
Official Language English
Population 103,000
Total Area 440km2
GDP $2.4 Billion
Visa-Free Countries 150+
Passport Rank 27th
Currency East Caribbean Dollar tied to USD 1 USD = 2.70 XCD


Visa benefits

Visa Free Travel to UK & Schengen

The Antigua and Barbuda passport will allow the holder visa-free travel to 150+ countries that includes Hong Kong, Singapore, U.K., and the Schengen Area. The passport will be valid for five years.


It will be considered for renewal subject to the recipient having spent a total of 5 days in Antigua and Barbuda, since gaining citizenship, within the five years.

Tax Benefits

Tax & Business Advantages

The program is based on legislation passed by the government in 2013. Antiguan passport holders benefit from important tax advantages such as no capital gains tax or estate tax, and no taxation on worldwide income.


Antigua has a currency that is fixed to USD and has duty free trading throughout the Caribbean.

Family Benefits

Security for your Family

Spouse, children, and elderly parents can apply to obtain their Antigua and Barbuda passport along with you and will be able to enjoy life on one of the world’s top 20 islands. In Antigua, you will not need to worry about your family’s safety, as the country is very secure and stable.


It also offers a prosperous future to your children with access to an international higher education system.

Antigua and Barbuda Passport/Citizenship by Investment

Introduced in 2013, the Antigua and Barbuda Passport/Citizenship by Investment Programme is one of the world’s most innovative economic programs. Applicants and their families may obtain citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda in return for a meaningful contribution to the country.


Prosperous applicants can travel visa-free to over 150+ countries globally, including the European Union, the United Kingdom (UK), Singapore, and Hong Kong.




Contribution to National Development Fund (NDF):

  • For a single applicant, or a family up to 4 members: US $100,000.
  • For a family of 5 or more: US $125,000.


*Plus government processing fees and due diligence fees



Investment in pre-approved real estate projects, which can include hotel shares, villas and condos:

  • US $200,000 (resalable after 5 years)


*Plus government processing fees and due diligence fees


Month 1

Step 1

Client chooses either investment or donation option. Client signs the Huriya contract, and pays initial retainer.

Step 2

Huriya assists the client to gather all required documentation, and to complete the various Government application forms for submission to the CIU.

Step 3

Second payment is made, and file is submitted.

Month 2 - 4

Step 4

Issuance of Approval letter by the CIU (Citizenship-by-Investment Unit), third payment is required immediately.

Step 5

Naturalization certificate is issued

Month 5

Step 6

Huriya Private receives client passport(s). Passport can be either picked up from Huriya Private office or delivered to clients home address, (locally or internationally).


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* Visa on arrival

Antigua And Barbuda Placeholder
Antigua And Barbuda
• Australia (e600) • Bahrain • Benin • Djibouti • Ethiopia • Gabon • Georgia • India • Kenya • Kyrgyzstan • Nigeria • Sao Tome and Principe • Sri Lanka • Tajikistan • Turkey • United Arab Emirates • Uzbekistan

Antigua And Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program



USD 100,000

Time To Citizenship

3-6 Months

Visa-Free Travel

150+ Countries


Investor, Spouse, dependents up to age 30 and parents of main applicant


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