€ 2 million

Time To Citizenship

4-6 Months

Visa-Free Travel

163+ Countries


Investor, Spouse, dependents up to age 28 and parents of main applicant


In 2013, the Cypriot government changed immigration policies to encourage foreign investment, making it possible to obtain Cypriot Citizenship by Investment in only 6 months. Cyprus is the only European country to fast track secondary citizenship, making it an extremely attractive choice. Applicants and their dependents are not required to live in Cyprus to obtain citizenship, meaning you can apply for and receive secondary passports without having to relocate the entire family or renounce your original nationality.


Continent Europe
Capital Nicosia
Official Language Greek and Turkish
Population 1,205,575
Total Area 9,251km2
GDP $19.8 Billion
Visa-Free Countries 157+
Passport Rank 10th
Currency Euro €


European Passport and Permanent Residency

  • Fast Track Approval 6 months Visa free travel to 157+ countries
  • Availability of Education and Health Care in Europe Safe, relaxed and stress-free environment
  • No physical residency requirements
  • Covers the investor, the spouse and dependent children up to the age of 28
  • Cyprus permits dual citizenship

Updated Program Requirements

  • The investment amount has been reduced to 2 Million Euros
  • Permanent residency card is issued within 2 to 4 weeks
  • Encourages investments in property sector
  • Parents of the investor are entitled to apply

Financial Advantages

  • 0% Inheritance, wealth and gift tax
  • 0% on widow’s pension
  • 0% immovable property tax (from 2017)
  • 12.5% corporate tax, one of the lowest in Europe
  • NON-DOM residents have high exemptions from many taxes and rates for their Cyprus and non-Cyprus income
  • Better access to other EU based markets
  • Dependents (including spouses, parents and children) can be included on the same citizenship application




Purchase of Real Estate Investment EUR 2,000,000 out of which EUR 1.5 is resalable after 3 years & EUR 500,000 must be kept in property indefinitely


Apart from the above investment, donation of EUR 150,000 is also required:


Donation of EUR 75,000 to the research and innovation Fund

Donation of EUR 75,000 to Cyprus Land Development Corporation


*Plus government processing fees and due diligence fees


Sign Retainer Agreement for Huriya Private to act as your Advisor for application, due-diligence & legal process.

Select a date to travel to complete a Cyprus property tour and benefit from preferential hotel rates through our exclusive Huriya Private partnership network.

Review properties and conduct due diligence on the developers and if satisfied select a property (ies) to a minimum value of €2,000,000. Then pay deposit and sign contracts.

Complete purchase of the property (can be completed from your home country) by transferring money into an approved Escrow account with 100% refund status assigned to it, to protect you upon government citizenship approval or rejection after 3 months of Background Security Checks.

Submit the application for Permanent Residence & Citizenship (M127) and supporting documentation.

Permanent Residency issued with 3-4 weeks after property purchase.

Citizenship approval within 10 weeks.

Passport issued after a further 14-16 weeks (6 months after PR card issued).

After 3 years you may sell any property you have purchased as long as you maintain a property worth at least €500,000 on the island indefinitely.


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