EUR 100,000

Time To Citizenship

3-4 Months

Visa-Free Travel

112+ Countries


Investor, Spouse, dependents up to age 29 and parents of main applicant


The Republic of Moldova is a land-locked country with 4 million inhabitants. Moldova has entered an association agreement with the European Union, and is actively pursuing EU membership. Moldova’s capital city is Chisinau and its official local language is Romanian. Moldova is ranked 41 on the list of highest value passports in the world, granting visa-free travel to 112 countries.

The country’s new citizenship programme is one of the most affordable programmes with minimal eligibility criteria. Therefore, the applicant is not required to reside in Moldova once the citizenship has been granted.

Valuable Passport

Ability to become a member of World Trade Organization and an EU Associated Member.

Affordable and fast access to second citizenship

The Moldovan programme provides an affordable, fast and straightforward way to citizenship within 3-4 months.

The right protection for your family

Provides full citizenship for you and your family with passport rights.

Residency requirements

No residency requirements, language tests or business skills required.

Business benefits

Moldova ranks 44th in the 2018 World Bank ’Doing Business’ report, as it provides low corporate and personal tax rates as well as easy and affordable business set-up.

A stable and secure future for your family

Moldova is one of the safest countries in the world, receiving a ‘High’ rating in the 2018 Global Peace Index. It is ranked 63rd out of 163 countries. Therefore, providing absolute stability and security for you and your family at a low cost of living.

UPDATE: Following a final reading on Friday the 28th of February, the Moldovan Parliament voted to extend the already-expired moratorium on the country’s citizenship by investment program until September 1st this year.

The ostensible purpose of the extension – the second in three months – is to give authorities more time to ascertain any risks pertaining to the program.


Continent Europe
Capital Chișinău
Official Language Romanian
Population 3,437,720
Total Area 3,437,720
GDP $8.13 Billion
Visa-Free Countries 112
Passport Rank 41st
Currency Moldovan Leu


Visa Free Travel

Provides visa-free travel to 112 countries around the world, full European citizenship with passport rights and ability to become an EU Associated Member. Schengen visa-free travel.

Moldova Citizenship By Investment

Low cost

Low cost citizenship-by-investment: Moldova offers one of the most affordable European citizenships in the world.

Family Security

Citizenship extended to future generations. All successful applicants receive a Moldovan passport.



The Moldovan Citizenship-by-Investment application is a fast and an affordable process with minimal criteria to meet. Investors are required to make a minimum investment of EUR 100,000 plus EUR 35,000 in government fees per applicant.


Single: EUR 100,000

Married couple: EUR 115,000

Married couple + 4 children: EUR 145,000

Married couple + 5 children or more: EUR 155,000


*Plus government processing fees and due diligence fees


Sign the required agreement: You’ll need to sign the retainer agreement with Huriya Private in order to act as your Advisor for the application, due diligence and legal process.

Apply for pre-approval: Applications to the program must be made through the prescribed forms and must be accompanied by the appropriate fees and specific documents such as passport copies and birth certificate, police clearance.

Certificate issuance: The issuance of a certificate of naturalization under the MCBI program takes a maximum of 3to 4 months from the date on which the completed application is submitted. Following that the due diligence process is carried out.

Application verification: Before an application is submitted to the government, all the relevant information provided (including the background of the applicant and any dependents) will be verified by one or more specialised due diligence service providers. Furthermore, the specific fees must have been received, and the source of all funds must have been verified.

Take oath and receive an official citizenship: Once all the above requirements have been satisfied and the final payments have been made, an oath of allegiance is pledged. Citizenship will then be granted and the passport issued thereafter.



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