North Macedonia, officially the Republic of North Macedonia, is a country in Southeast Europe. It gained independence in 1991 as one of the successor states of Yugoslavia.


The newly amended article of the North Macedonia Citizenship Investment Law allows for Citizenship through investment in nominated government approved fund, making it the most attractive and business-friendly Citizenship Investment Program in Europe. Only 1000 applicants will be accepted worldwide by the fund and it will be available only to successful entrepreneurs.

North Macedonia

Continent Europe
Capital Skopje
Official Language Macedonian, Albanian
Population 2,077,132
Total Area 25,713 km2
GDP 33.822 billion
Visa-Free Countries 125
Passport Rank 75th
Currency Macedonian Denar tied to USD, 1 USD = 50.86 MKD


Visa Free Travel to Schengen

The North Macedonia passport will allow the holder visa-free travel to 125 countries, including the Schengen Area.

Tax & Business Advantages

A growing European country with a strong economy. Very Easy to set-up companies and businesses. Zero income tax as a non-resident.

Family Benefits

Security for your Family

Gateway to Europe. Beautiful landscapes, diverse and friendly country. Excellent and low-cost of living with top-level healthcare and educational system.


EUR 200,000 Investment Contribution in SEC regulated, government approved fund *PLUS


EUR 50,000 Minimum Admin/Process Fees for main applicant and EUR 10k for each dependent

* (No other fees of any kind)


Month 1

Step 1

Client chooses either investment or donation option. Client signs the Huriya contract, and pays initial retainer.

Step 2

Huriya assists the client to gather all required documentation, and to complete the various Government application forms for submission to the CIU.

Step 3

Second payment is made, and file is submitted.

Month 2 - 4

Step 4

Issuance of Approval letter by the CIU (Citizenship-by-Investment Unit), third payment is required immediately.

Step 5

Naturalization certificate is issued

Month 5

Step 6

Huriya Private receives client passport(s). Passport can be either picked up from Huriya Private office or delivered to clients home address, (locally or internationally).


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* Visa on arrival

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North Macedonia

North Macedonia Passport


EUR 200,000

Time To Citizenship

3-4 Months

Visa-Free Travel

125 Countries


Investor, Spouse, dependents up to age 18 and parents of main applicant


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