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The Portugal Golden Visa: Your Way to Citizenship by Investment in Europe  Currently, the most popular program for EU citizenship and residency is The Portugal Golden Visa. The Portugal Golden Visa starts at $280k investment in property, with guaranteed buyback options. The program offers EU Residency...

As the much-anticipated program changes for Portugal Golden Visa were put into action, a significant change in the application demand could be noticed in 2022. With policy changes to real estate acquisition locations, and minimum investment amount increase for capital transfer and fund investment, the...

The company has been encouraging female participation in the field of financial advisory and citizenship by investment, ever since its launch in 2018 in order to increase the leadership team to more than 50 per cent of women.   Anna, the first resource at Huriya Private became...

The United Arab Emirates has adopted blockchain innovation as a driving force for businesses, intending to capitalize on the power of blockchain platforms to transform government transactions, making the UAE one of the leading economies in the world with an unmatched readiness to embrace and...

Among the recent amendments to citizenship investment programs announced by several hosting countries, St Kitts and Nevis have recently launched a new investment option within its Citizenship by Investment Program: Alternative Investment Option (AIO). This option allows applicants to invest in alternative projects that have been...

The new UAE residency scheme is just a gift that keeps on giving. With the beginning of the new year, Dubai Airport Free Zone has announced the launch of a new Talent Pass that entitles freelancers to a 3-year residence visa, intending to attract global...

In 2019, the United Arab Emirates enabled a new Golden Visa scheme to attract foreign talents and businessmen from all around the world to live, work with 100% ownership of their businesses that operate within the UAE. These long-term residency visas are issued for a...