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The UAE has been one of the most popular destinations for expats and businesspeople for a while – and that reputation is only growing, thanks to several recent government initiatives. Andrew Staples, Chief Business Reporter for Gulf News, recently wrote a special report on these changes,...

There are many reasons to choose investing in a new passport, or second citizenship, but one you might not have considered – but should, if you’ve got children – is the opportunity to secure a better education. The right education helps your children build their skills,...

Not all passports are created equal so not all passport-holders are treated equally. How often can you feel this impact almost every element of your life? From the holidays you take, to how you conduct business, to the prospects your children enjoy. Let’s look at why some...

What are the cheapest citizenship-by-investment programmes? Let’s review the current investment thresholds so you can decide which best fits your needs. The Caribbean always wins when it comes to costs, so we’ll look at the top three programmes from that region first, then throw in the...

Ask entrepreneurs in the UAE what they most need to upscale their business and the majority are likely to say ‘finance’. Sourcing finance in the early stages of growth is fundamental in taking a company to the next level. It helps business owners to avoid...

A tropical chain of 83 islands nestled in the south Pacific, Vanuatu is a peaceful, vibrant and culturally diverse nation that’s proud to welcome international travellers to its shores. But what exactly do the shores of Vanuatu hold? Not just sandy beaches and sparkling blue seas. Vanuatu...

You know by now that an entrepreneur should be bold, and that thriving in uncertainty and having strong vision are all important parts of the success you desire. History is full of examples of visionaries who blazed trails and demonstrated these traits. But what do most...

The UK is on the wish-list for many international investors, thanks to Britain’s thriving business landscape, exceptional education and enviable quality of life. But it needn’t stay relegated to your wish-list. Securing permanent residency in the UK is much easier than you think. The two investment programmes we’ll...

Your business is booming, profit is increasing, your company is growing. It’s an exciting time. So is it now time to look at global markets? Today we examine the practical steps you can take to prepare for the challenges ahead. Signs you’re ready to go global While all businesses...

What is it that’s attracting so many global citizens to Ireland? And how can you join them? Currently, 11.6% of Ireland’s total population are non-Irish nationals – and almost every nation in the world is represented, from Andorra to Zimbabwe; Afghanistan to Zambia. So let’s look...