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Visa restrictions and lengthy passport queues. Holidays based on where you can go, not where you want to go. Delayed business meetings. Lack of privacy. Extensive customs processes. Or quick, painless travel wherever you want to go. Respect in every country you enter. Freedom without borders. For those lucky enough to...

Who wants to be a billionaire? According to the market-leading Wealth-X billionaire census there are nearly 2,400 billionaires in the world, with combined wealth of USD 7,400bn. It’s a select club. All the billionaires in the world would fit into four Boeing 747s with room to...

Easy setup, no tax guaranteed, 100% ownership. Proven draws for the UAE free zones. Why, then, do so many entrepreneurs each year swap the safety of a free zone for speculation on the mainland? Simply put, it’s a logical progression of many a successful business. Right off...

“A new digital nation for global citizens, powered by the Republic of Estonia.” That’s the official definition of the Estonian e-Residency programme – a world first, from a country so technologically forward-thinking that it’s nicknamed E-Stonia. As of November 2017, there are nearly 25,000 Estonian e-Residents...

There are few better places to start a business venture than the UAE. With the advent of major co-working spaces, such as Astrolabs Dubai and Impact Hub Dubai, it’s never been easier to start a new business on a budget here. What’s more, Dubai is home...