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Residency and Citizenship-by-Investment Programmes (RIP & CIP) are being offered by an increasing number of countries today. These include the USA, Canada, the UK, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Malta, Cyprus and others. These programmes have been attracting bad publicity over the past few years. Criticism centers mainly...

There have been many positive developments and news items concerning Cyprus recently, so I have summarised them below: 1.      The redesigned Citizenship-by-Investment Program The Cabinet in Cyprus decided on the 13th of September on a redesign of the Citizenship-by-Investment Programme. The new CIP abolishes the collective investments of €2.5m...

There are many reasons to choose investing in a new passport, or second citizenship, but one you might not have considered – but should, if you’ve got children – is the opportunity to secure a better education. The right education helps your children build their skills,...

"John - tell me about Cyprus, is the program as good as I hear?" Why are so many clients asking me about Cyprus? Possibly because it has a fantastic citizenship by investment program, taking less than 90 days to grant Cypriot citizenship, has some incredible real...