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Among the recent amendments to citizenship investment programs announced by several hosting countries, St Kitts and Nevis have recently launched a new investment option within its Citizenship by Investment Program: Alternative Investment Option (AIO). This option allows applicants to invest in alternative projects that have been...

The new UAE residency scheme is just a gift that keeps on giving. With the beginning of the new year, Dubai Airport Free Zone has announced the launch of a new Talent Pass that entitles freelancers to a 3-year residence visa, intending to attract global...

In 2019, the United Arab Emirates enabled a new Golden Visa scheme to attract foreign talents and businessmen from all around the world to live, work with 100% ownership of their businesses that operate within the UAE. These long-term residency visas are issued for a...

In view of the recent news announcing extensions to citizenship by investment programs for the new year 2022, Montenegro’s government has decided to extend its citizenship by investment program, which was initially set to expire by the end of December 2021. The Montenegrin Cabinet decided to...

Dubai continues to be the land of opportunity for new businesses and entrepreneurs.   Dubai-based Huriya Private has launched a new global non-profit charitable foundation, The Huriya Private Foundation, in July. The launch of the Huriya Private Foundation is the latest initiative from the Huriya Group, an...

In his third column exclusively for Huriya, Stuart Young of Four Corners Wine explores the mystery and mastery of Burgundy. I defy any wine lover not to be seduced by Burgundy. It may not boast the grand chateaux of other wine regions but, driving past walled...

In the second of our fine wine series of articles, Stuart Young of Four Corners Wine attempts to demystify the classic French region of Bordeaux. Back in 1976, one of the wine world’s greatest protagonists, Stephen Spurrier, organised a tasting that became known as the Judgement of...

Top choices might be Spain, France, Australia and New Zealand but they are not the easiest places to set up in. Now, multi-family office Huriya Private list the most viable destinations for Brits to consider… Freedom of movement may have ended now that Brexit has been...

India’s recent changes to taxation legislation are accelerating its millionaire exodus. In light of this, Huriya Private’s CEO John Hanafin has reported that: “The number of high-net-worth Indian clients approaching us has risen exponentially in recent months as individuals grow increasing concerned about the pandemic and...

When the world was faced with a full lockdown in April of 2020 due to COVID-19, and what was to follow, there was a distinct fear within the private aviation industry, that perhaps once again, we were headed into a dark scenario reminiscent to the...