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The pandemic has ushered in a new era, and like every new beginning, it also has a lot of political chaos and economic instability. The increasing helplessness of humankind has taught us that there will be things beyond our control. However, that should not mean...

Every day, thousands of posts, articles, and columns are being written focusing on the ways of living a happy life. There is an umpteenth number of suggestions available online for that, yet in this article, we present you with one very simple, yet penetrating idea. To...

History does repeat itself when it comes to economic crises and recessions. A quick look at the world history would tell us that as a civilization, we have been through a series of turbulence which has destabilized the world economy and created a deep impact...

When it comes to assessing the economic crisis caused by the pandemic and devising strategies to combat the same, the Dubai Government is not far behind. It has already started taking decisive steps and is on its foot to aid businesses in growth and expansion. Behind...

With the ever-increasing restrictions on global immigration, countries are being somewhat skeptical about opening their borders to people. But that should not be your concern if you are aware of the Citizenship by investment program which is becoming popular day by day among the investors. There...

The Knight Frank World Wealth Report 2019 reports the world's super-wealthy spend over USD 2.4bn on second citizenship each year, with most demand coming from China, the Middle East, and Russia. Immigration amongst high-net-worth individuals is 'strong and growing', the report notes. Indeed, some of the...

Huriya Private is delighted to announce Canada’s extreme adventurer and TV celebrity – Ryan Pyle as Brand Ambassador. Born in Toronto, Canada, Ryan spent his early years close to home. After obtaining a degree in International Politics from the University of Toronto in 2001, Ryan realized a life-long...

There are many reasons you may be considering investment immigration. Fewer travel and trade restrictions, for instance, and the personal and business opportunities attached. Fairer taxation allowing you to better provide for your family. Or perhaps better education, or wider distribution of essential medical services. In reality,...