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Today’s business world is almost borderless. Where you’re from has little bearing on where you start your company, and international founders set up in almost every corner of the globe. Some corners more than others though. Like these four. If you’re debating where to start your company,...

Gaining residency in the UAE is an excellent option for many individuals that are considering the likes of Monaco, Lichtenstein, Gibraltar or the Channel Islands as their ordinary residence. The UAE is certainly the only country from the above list that does NOT demand a mandatory...

What is it that's attracting so many global citizens to Ireland? And how can you join them? Currently, 11.6% of Ireland's total population are non-Irish nationals – and almost every nation in the world is represented, from Andorra to Zimbabwe; Afghanistan to Zambia. So let’s look...

The OECD, or Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, based in the 16th arrondissement of Paris is best known for its focus on advancing left-wing economic policies including higher income and corporate taxes, more government bureaucracy and attacking low tax jurisdictions especially in the Caribbean...

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has once again reiterated that visa liberalization with the Schengen countries is Turkey’s top priority. President Erdogan said so during the sixth meeting of the Reform Action Group (RAG), which was held on Europe Day on 9 May, for the...

Not all passports are created equal so not all passport-holders are treated equally. How often can you feel this impact almost every element of your life? From the holidays you take, to how you conduct business, to the prospects your children enjoy. Let’s look at why some...

The Knight Frank World Wealth Report 2018 reports the world’s super-wealthy spend over USD 2.4bn on second citizenship each year, with most demand coming from China, the Middle East, and Russia. Immigration amongst high-net-worth individuals is ‘strong and growing’, the report notes. Indeed, some of the...