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“Certified Partnership Program”

Huriya Private has PartnersAgents, and Introducers all over the globe. If you are interested in teaming up with us, please read on.


“The best partnerships aren’t dependent on a mere common goal but on a shared path of equality, desire, and no small amount of passion.”


Our team is contacted regularly for new and exciting partnership opportunities, locally and internationally. As a result of these numerous requests, we have put in place a qualification procedure to ensure a consistent level of high-quality service for our prospective clients.

Why Partner with Huriya Private:

The concept of holding multiple passports (or having many residency visas) is now mainstream. It is featured in the press on a weekly basis and has become an integral part of tax and legacy planning for most international families. It is a new asset class.


With the increase in the popularity of citizenship by investment, the market needs educated service providers. This is why Huriya Private is working with lawyers, bankers, asset managers, financial advisors, corporate service providers, family offices, real estate companies, and much more – to educate them on the processes, and in many cases, to set up Certified Partnerships.

Why are we “Certifying” our partnerships?

Well, ultimately, it’s for credibility and transparency for the client. Each passport application requires a very careful understanding of the global migration process. Many factors must be considered for each family, from taxation to education, and much more. For our sophisticated applicants, this is an investment into a long-term asset class, and their trusted advisors MUST be able to read the complex structure of their personal rationale.


With this understanding of the process, we are now issuing Certified Partners Certificates, for our partners who want to be educated and trained and speak to their clients directly about the options of multiple citizenships.


These Certified Partners Certificates are renewed on an annual basis following a standard annual due-diligence review. Please contact us for more details on our procedures to qualify as a Certified Partner of Huriya Private.

Huriya’s Partnership Commitment

Honesty, integrity, and efficiency – these are our core values, and this is how we work within the immigration industry. We apply the same values with our Certified Partners.


Over the past five years, Huriya has built and maintained an extensive network of international partners, introducers, and agents who are qualified and certified to promote our products and services. Our partners have around-the-clock, international personalized support from our highly experienced account managers. Our goal is to build long-term and mutually beneficial relationships, and our current referral percentages confirm this.

Benefits of Partnering with Huriya Private:

· Credibility – Huriya Private is a fully licensed, government-approved, award-winning immigration, corporate structuring, and tax advisory firm with over 25 years of experience. We maintain government licenses in all of the countries where we offer citizenship programs and process hundreds of applications on an annual basis.


· Training – The Huriya team will provide all program information, including materials, templates, and guidelines, as well as regular training sessions and events to enable our partners to stay informed and up to date.


· Systems – Huriya uses the leading CRM software to manage the movement of all applications, including their billing cycle. We are fully aware of the status of each applicant at all times.


· Updates – Huriya provides complete access to both internal and external publications by Huriya, which include all government updates and changes in regulation.


· Guidance – We have access to World-Check and Thomson Reuters, to perform our in-house due diligence before any approach is made to a government body. We will provide guidance to all our partners to assist with background checks and financial verification, along with security assessments via leading risk intelligence firms.


· International seminars – We frequently travel and host complimentary training seminars for our partners, and their clients.


“The team at Huriya has helped a number of my clients achieve their dream of second citizenship. Always honest, professional, and efficient. Very reliable partners that always deliver.”– Patrick Crowley, Executive Director, Banque Richelieu, Monaco, Certified Partner since 2018.


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