With over 20 years of experience in the finance industry, we are a private fiduciary and multi-family office, catering to a select clientele across countries. 

Corporate Structuring

Huriya’s unparalleled knowledge of international governments and financial policies makes us the experts in the the domain of corporate structuring.

Trusts & Foundations

The team at Huriya Private ensures that your wealth and assets are preserved and protected not just during your life time, but for generations to come. 

Funds & Collective Investment Schemes

Our experience in providing funds and collective investment schemes makes us the best partner for your investment needs.

Real Estate Investment

We, at Huriya are committed to equipping all our clients to make financial decisions that will help them achieve their goals and objectives. 

Art & Collectibles

We understand how investments can frequently involve acquisitions in classic or modern art, vintage cars, wine collections and much more.

Multi Family Office

Our multi-family office ensures that the right people benefit from your wealth through carefully designed succession and inheritance planning.