Multi Family Office

Huriya’s long standing relationships with many successful families has resulted in our offering of a fully outsourced company administration team, managing families investments and assets, applying correct corporate governance, wealth structuring, succession planning, third party fee management and corporate consolidation.


The term “Family Office” can have many meanings, and our offering is certainly considered bespoke, flexible and confidential.

A family office set up will benefit a client who’s wealth spans many international jurisdictions, is considered complex, and involves many existing third parties (agents, lawyers, bankers and brokers).  Our approach is to simply streamline and consolidate a client’s global structure, allowing them the time to focus on more important matters.

Dynastic Planning

An important consideration in setting up a family office is dynastic planning, the preservation of wealth for the next generation. Clear direction and protection is often required to avoid family disputes and protect a business against divorce or other significant creditor claims.

Reorganize and Restructure

As families or indeed individuals grow and become more successful, their business and personal needs must be reviewed and structured to allow continuous positive growth. Don’t be too busy to reorganize and restructure. Only a solid foundation will encourage great success.

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Family offices and how they can help you.

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