Real Estate Investment

Real Estate / bricks and mortar – has long been recognized as a valuable investment class alongside the traditional equity and bonds. Finding quality investment opportunities in international jurisdictions can often require local knowledge and expertise.

Our Team at Huriya Offer

Trusted Relationships

with numerous international brokers, developers, buyers and sellers

Specialist Services

to find, select and develop real estate in the Middle East, the EU and the Caribbean

Rigorous Analysis and Vetting

of each potential projects, and look for quality over quantity

Mortgage or Remortgage

arrangements can also be made for the mortgage or remortgage of properties globally

Exclusive Partnerships

We have also entered exclusive partnerships with international hotel brands to facilitate their global sales mandate, representing these brands at the biggest international property shows, and arranging number smaller exclusive high net worth gatherings with best in class luxury network partners.

Talk to one of our consultants to learn more about investments that
will yield the best returns

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